Rishi Sunak Set To Become UK’s New PM

Incoming UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (centre). Photo courtesy of Flickr.

LONDON, Oct 24 – Rishi Sunak paid tribute to Liz Truss for her “dedicated public service” in his first public address following his election as the leader of the Conservative Party, that has put him in place to becoming the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Liz Truss became the Prime Minister in September 6 but resigned 45 days later, following several disastrous moves including the slashing of taxes for large corporations, paving the way for a fresh election to choose the new leader for the Conservative Party.

Rishi, a British of Indian descent, won the election after his rival Penny Mordaunt failed to secure enough backing from MPs. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also in the race but backed out on Saturday.

In his address, broadcast live by the BBC, Rishi also said the country had pressing economic challenges ahead, and called for unity among the party’s Members of Parliament in the face of these challenges.

He said the country needed unity and stability at this point and that it will be his priority to bring the party and country together, adding that this will be the only way out of the country’s challenging economy.

Rishi, who was former Chancellor or Finance Minister in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet, added that he would serve the country, that had given him so much, with integrity and humility and work day in, and day out to “deliver to the British people.”

Rishi is expected to go through a constitutional process before he becomes the prime minister officially.