Parliament: Klang MP Gana raises issues facing the future city, urges more attention from Putrajaya

Bukit Raja does not have single school and this can be attributed to the political manoeuvres of the previous government and the deliberate move to sideline the area, said Member of Parliament for Klang, Ganabatirau Veraman

KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 – Member of Parliament for Klang, Ganabatirau Veraman on Monday raised the various issues facing the city of Klang, from bad roads with damages made worse by heavy traffic and large vehicles travelling to the three ports in Klang, poor town planning and drainage systems, flash floods as well as the issue of foreign workers overtaking local wet markets and a shortage of beds in Hospital Klang.

While the Klang town council is set to become a city council, the current roads and drainage systems may not be up to the standards befitting a city yet, especially when it houses three high traffic ports, he said during the Dewan Rakyat sitting on Monday.

With pot holes and puddles on its roads, Klang also has a high number of fatal motorcycle accidents to its credit, he said.

These issues must be looked into particularly by the Public Works Department and the Department of Drainage and Irrigation so that Klang can make its transition to city status as envisioned, he said.

Often there are conflicts between the state and federal agencies when it comes to repairing a damaged road, on whether the road belongs to the state or central government, he added.

People don’t know the difference, they only want a decent road and often time is taken to repair these roads due to the lack of coordination between these agencies. He called on all the relevant agencies to come together to resolve the issue.

Gana said that for too long, the previous Federal government has not been giving the attention Klang deserves although it is one of the most vibrant towns in the country and Selangor in particular, contributing to the country’s economy, he said, when debating the Budget 2023.

He expressed hope that special focus will be given to Klang under the Budget.

On the issue of foreigners flooding the markets as traders, and often as ‘bosses” in Klang including the market in Meru, which he said was fast becoming a “Selayang 2”, he said he had yet to encounter any officials from the Home Ministry, councils or other relevant bodies coming to these areas and raiding the places.

The parking lots are monopolised by foreigners and while many locals are waiting for places to trade in the market, the foreigners are carrying out trade in the markets either by way of proxy or directly.

He said the Home Ministry should take firm action on the matter, while the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should be investigating if there has been any instance of misuse of power in allowing foreigners to trade in the markets.

On the flash floods affecting Klang areas including billion ringgit residential areas developed by well known developers, he said this should not be happening.

How could these be happening if there had been proper planning with all the drainage and irrigation plans put out well. There have been no proper investigation so far for the causes of flash floods, he said, whether involving the developers, an agency or even officials.

Gana said while the previous governments had sidelined Klang, he hoped the current prime minister will consider special allocations for the development of Klang.

Meanwhile in Bukit Raja, which has over 20,000 residents, there are seven areas allocated for schools but not a single school has been built in the area, Gana said, attributing the move to the previous government’s plans that had sidelined the area.

The parents here are sending their children to other parts of Klang.

He also raised the issue of a second secondary school for Kota Kemuning, another fast growing area in Klang, expressing hope that the relevant ministries will look into the matter.