Idle Men Busy Plotting Downfall Of Unity Government, Says Anthony Loke Of Hadi, Friends

Transport Minister (second right) Anthony Loke at AirAsia’s new corporate base.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 – PAS President Hadi Awang, who recently made a statement that the Unity Government, led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, is set to fall, is an idle man with ample of time and nothing better to do than plot the downfall of the current government, says Transport Minister Anthony Loke.

“First of all his statement is highly irresponsible, and this also shows that the PN (Perikatan Nasional where PAS is a component party) leaders have no other work to do than to be planning daily on stripping the current government of its power and gaining entry into the government via a backdoor entry.”

They need to respect the long and comprehensive process that took place following the results of the 15th General Election, he said.

All the processes, in line with the Federal Constitution, have been followed and adhered to in the formation of the current government with the approval of the King following His Majesty’s discussion with the Council of Rulers.

It has been only 100 days but there are already signs that they want to destroy the current government, Anthony Loke told reporters following the official launch of AirAsia’s new corporate base called RedQ.

“It is highly irresponsible of them, showing that they have no intention whatsoever of seeing how the country or the people can move toward any progress.

“They are only interested in gaining political power.”

If they want to be responsible, then they should be playing well their role as the Opposition in the Parliament.

There are many roles they can take on in Parliament where there are various platforms for them to participate in and bring in their constructive criticisms. For example, the government will continue to respect the policy taken in 2018 to allow an Opposition member to sit as the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

It has been only three months since the establishment of the new government where some semblance of stability has been achieved and foreign investors are showing increased confidence in the country.

Now that there is some stability, they are back to playing politics and trying to create instability, which in essence is going against the decree of the King, who wanted to see a united government and prosperity brought on by the Prime Minister, who had already gained a vote of confidence from the MPs.

— WE