Know the latest 12 hotspots in Malaysia, some even at 37 degrees Celsius

Photo credit: Pixabay

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25: Twelve localities in four states are predicted to experience an alert-level hot weather with maximum daily temperatures reaching 35 to 37 degrees Celcius for three consecutive days between yesterday and Monday.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) said in a statement that the affected areas are in Perlis as well as Langkawi, Kubang Pasu, Kota Setar, Pokok Sena, Pendang, Padang Terap, Sik, Baling and Kulim in Kedah.

Other hot areas are Kuala Kangsar in Perak and Beaufort in Sabah.

Meanwhile, localities and states not mentioned are expected to have a maximum daily temperature of below 35 degrees Celsius, said MetMalaysia.