Songkhla consulate – a much sought-after place for Malaysians getting married in Thailand

YALA (Thailand),  Feb 25: About 250 to 300 couples from Malaysia come to confirm their marriage documents at the Consulate General of Malaysia in Songkhla every month after getting married in Thailand.

The Malaysian Consul-General in Songkhla, Ahmad Fahmi Ahmad Sarkawi, said the couples are those who got married either in Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala, Satun and Songkhla.

“There are also those who got married in Bangkok, but come to the Consulate General office here to get confirmation of their marriage documents,” he told reporters after the opening of the 9th Melayu (Malay) Day here yesterday.

 Also present were the Justice Minister of Thailand Tawee Sodsong, who is also the former Secretary General of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre (SBPAC), Yala Governor Ampon Pongsuwan; Consul General of Indonesia, Suargana Pringganu and Mayor of Yala, Pongsak  Yingchoncharoen.

Ahmad Fahmi said it is important for Malaysian couples to confirm their marriage documents at the consulate to ensure they’re valid and to avoid being conned by marriage syndicates.

He said with the documents confirmed by the Consulate General of Malaysia, the couple can register their marriage in Malaysia.

“Registration of this marriage is important, especially for the future of their children, including to avoid them becoming ‘children without a country, when they want to get married and in inheritance cases,” he said.