Orchidmas aims to export Malaysian orchids to the Gulf Nations by 2025

Dubai Orchid Export Farm Project Advisor, Mohamad Nizam Malik getting the gift boxes ready for the shipment to Dubai

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25: Orchidmas International LLC, a subsidiary of Orchidmas Sdn. Bhd., a marketing, packaging and branding agency based in Putrajaya is targeting the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia as its export destinations by 2025.

Dubai Orchid Export Farm (LEOD) Project Advisor, Ts. Mohamad Nizam Malik said that the target depends on the success of its export mission to Dubai expected to start in August this year.

“We are aiming for 25 per cent of the total AED230 million or RM300 million export value of floricultural products to Dubai a year. The LEOD project, which will begin production next month, is expected to send its first consignment to Dubai in August,” he said in a statement released Saturday.

Mohamad Nizam who is also the Head of the Floriculture Industry Unit, Department of Agriculture Malaysia said, so far, the first phase of LEOD involves three areas of 29.14 hectares in Linggi and Lukut in Negeri Sembilan and Sepang, Selangor.

Khalid Ibrahim

Meanwhile, the Business Development and Investment Division Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (KPKM), Khalid Ibrahim said, the first phase of the LEOD project was an initial effort to export orchid products to the Gulf Nations via Dubai.

“The farm, which is equipped with high-tech equipment such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is expected to produce a total of 3.88 million Mokara orchid cuttings every year,” he said when officiating the launch of the Malaysian Orchid Golden Gift Box in Dubai on behalf of the KPKM Secretary-General on Wednesday.

Orchidmas International LLC’s Chief Executive Officer, Shiz Kassim said, as a marketing, packaging and branding agent for Malaysian orchids, his company hopes to meet the export target from August onwards.

“For marketing matters, Orchidmas will collaborate with Fresh and Best General Trading to launch sales and promotions in Dubai through the e-commerce platform (orchidmas.com). This Mokara hybrid orchid, turned into cut flowers for export in the form of a gift box with the concept of “Ready-to-Display”, will add value to the product.

“For the coordination of all land and air logistics operations from Malaysia to Dubai, we will collaborate with our strategic partner, Emirates SkyCargo,” he said.

A total of 270 Malaysian Orchid Golden Gift Boxes were launched at a ceremony attended by approximately 100 hoteliers and entrepreneurs from the UAE at the Al-Habtoor Palace in Dubai on Wednesday.