Epson products designed for less energy usage, carbon emission, says regional MD

Epson Singapore Regional Managing Director Siew Jin Kiat at the launch of its new regional headquarters in Singapore.

SINGAPORE, Sept 9 – A continued respect for environment will be the guiding principle for its development of sustainable products and services in the printing industry, says Siew Jin Kiat, Regional Managing Director Epson Singapore, SEA Headquarters. 

A leader in the printing industry, the company on Wednesday launched its new Epson Southeast Asia Headquarters and Solution Center here. The event was graced by Singapore’s Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Grace Fu.

At the hybrid event, Epson also took participants through some of its latest products designed to help businesses become more sustainable and innovative. The new regional headquarters features two new Solution Centres that are expected to enable partners and customers from all over the region, including Malaysia, to discover products and solutions that are good for both business and the environment.

These include Epson’s sustainable innovations in printing, visual imaging and robotics, as well as Epson PaperLab, the world’s first dry process office paper making system. Its Epson Heat-Free Inkjet printers for instance is said to have been designed to see a 85 percent reduction in use of energy and 85 percent less Carbon emission compared with laser printers.

At a press conference later, Siew Jin spoke of the company’s business and production plans to move in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals that include carbon emission reductions along the 2030 global goal.

Explaining the workings of its new PaperLab recycling system, that uses a dry fiber technology, he said the system will reduce the use of water by 99 percent compared with the conventional paper recycling method. Currently a great deal of water is used in the process of recycling paper, but this system cuts down on water usage and hence saves on this major resource.

The revolutionary office-based papermaking system will also enable businesses to reduce on environmental impact by recycling used paper.

PaperLab will be available in Singapore this year and is expected to be launched in Indonesia, Malaysia., Philippines, and Thailand later on.