Wheel falls off from United Airlines’ B757-200 on takeoff but lands safely

LOS ANGELES, July 9: United Airlines says it is investigating how the wheel of its Boeing 757-200 fell off on takeoff from the Los Angeles International Airport on Monday before landing safely in Denver.

United Flight 1001, carrying 174 passengers and seven crewmembers, landed at Denver International Airport without incident after an emergency landing.

The wheel that was dislodged from the back portion of the plane was recovered at the Los Angeles airport.

Other pilots had alerted air traffic control to report that the wheel of the plane was rolling down the runway after the United flight had taken off.

It marked the second time this year a United Airlines flight dealt with a loose tyre. In March, a tyre came off a Boeing 777 on takeoff from San Francisco International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport. While the plane landed safely in Los Angeles, the loose tyre damaged numerous vehicles at a parking lot in San Francisco.