‘WAU!’ Mrs Malaysia trumphs with ‘Most Original Costume’ at Mrs World 2023 pageant

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23: In an outstanding display of creativity and cultural heritage, Mrs Malaysia P. Vanishaantini clinched the ‘Most Original Costume’ award at the Mrs World 2023 pageant in Las Vegas and also secured sixth place overall.

The 27-year-old Seremban entrepreneur turned heads with her unique attire inspired by the traditional ‘wau’ kite, a design that won unanimous praise, said Datin Harveen Kaur, National Director of Mrs Malaysia World and Managing Director of Mrs Malaysia World Sdn Bhd.

She remarked on the costume’s impressive dimensions and its significance as Malaysia’s first-ever win in this category at the global pageant.

Dubbed ‘Puteri Wau Bulan’, this sartorial wonder, a creation of Sarawak’s skilled designer Saran Anak Lagong and sponsored by MS Gold, measured a majestic 3.8 metres in height and 4.8 metres in width, while weighing about 10 kg.

Vanishaantini brought a piece of Malaysian culture to the international stage with grace and elegance as she represented Malaysia among 39 finalists, said Harveen Kaur.

The Mrs World 2023 title went to the contestant from Germany while the first runner-up and second runner-up were from Canada and Colombia, respectively.