Unity government never denied the rights of opposition MPs – Anwar

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 27: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has said that the Unity Government has never denied the rights of Opposition MPs, and the allowance of all MPs have never been touched under his administration.

In his winding up speech at the 2023 PKR Annual National Congress attended by 1,391 party delegates, the PKR president stressed that the government continued with the development allocation for Opposition states even though it was not channelled directly to MPs.

“We carried on with allocations in PAS, Bersatu parliamentary areas. Schools, mosques, every change, we did every development project.

“But we did not channel it through MPs. Why do we channel to MPs who harangue us daily, wish to topple us, insult us,” he said at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

The Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman said the Opposition only used religious and racial sentiments but failed to prove they could administer the country well, even though they had the chance to be the government previously.

Anwar also refuted claims that he had enticed Opposition MPs for their support towards the government.

“The MPs cross, they say we provide enticements, I say no way, I never met them before they made their decisions… When they sought to meet me, I told them make their decisions first, then only meet up.

“Their decision, they know our policies, they can see the economic development and of course, there will be allocations,” he said.

Anwar also asked Indian PKR leaders not to be defensive when leaders of Indian parties questioned the government’s actions in ensuring the race’s welfare as Malaysia is the first country to eradicate hardcore poverty without exception.

“Leaders of Indian political parties shouted. I asked them when they were in power, were they involved in shady business, taking the property of the people. I hope our Indian friends will not follow such examples,” he said.

Anwar also shared that he insisted all PKR central, state and division leaders to become members of the Koperasi Keadilan Berhad (KIRA) by the end of the year.

“I stress that this is needed as it’s a good thing, it rises above specific political agendas, but the people’s economy, the cooperative, I mentioned two nights ago is an economic activity that might become huge if many support it and it’s managed well.

“The history of cooperatives in our country has its great moments but the problem is management, so that’s why with guaranteed good management, I believe we will once again make history in how cooperatives can rise in a short period and become a success in our country,” he said.

KlRA, which was officially registered under the Cooperatives Act 1993 on Jan 31, 2023, was launched by the prime minister early this year, making PKR the first political party to ensure its members’ welfare through the introduction of a business cooperative.