All will get to hear Tamil “Vazhthu” song at Penang Deepavali do on Nov 29 – Fadhlina Sidek

File photo/Minister of Education Fadhlina Sidek.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28: All educators present at the Penang state level Deepavalli celebration this Wednesday, Nov 29, will get to hear the Tamil invocatory “Vazhthu” song, said Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek in Parliament on Monday.

Offering an apology to the Indian community and expressing deep regret over an incident on Nov 23, where a song in praise of the Tamil language, “Vazhthu Padal” and another invocatory song were prevented from being played at the National Tamil Language carnival held in Kepala Batas.

The event saw many netizens from the Indian community taking to the social media to make their protest over such an insensitive move.

Taking full responsibility for what had happened, Fadhlina said action will be taken by her ministry against the education officer who had made such a decision.

Such an incident, where the Tamil Vazhthu song was prevented from being played in a Tamil language carnival, whether due to a technical miscommunication, carelessness or due to any other intention, should have never taken place, she said, adding that she will ensure that such an incident is never repeated.