Uniten and Globe Resources introduce ScanKod – a vehicle safety and protection system using QR codes

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KUALA LUMPUR, March 16 – Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) together with private company Globe Resources Sdn Bhd has developed a vehicle anti-theft system that uses QR code. The system, known as ScanKod, has been touted to prevent stolen vehicles from being remodified and sold back in the market.

Globe Resources Sdn Bhd chief executive S. Maran is confident that ScanKod can reduce the number of car thefts in the country. He said the system will be used by the police by the end of the month in a pilot project with other enforcement agencies to follow suit.

“Statistics from the police show that there are about 13,000 cars reported stolen every year and almost RM1billion losses incurred by the insurance companies from theft claims. The stolen cars are fixed with a different car registration number plate of a similar model, making it look legitimate,” Maran said.

To avoid vehicle theft, the ScanKod allows the authorities to quickly check the authenticity and legitimacy of a car with just one click on their handphones which will provide all the relevant details.

“When scanned using the ScanKod app, it will reveal details such as the registration, car original colour, chassis number as well as the owner’s details. When in doubt, the police can investigate further,” Maran said.

Unlike the car registration number plate that can be easily replaced, this QR code cannot be imitated or replicated.

“There is none that is the same as the other,” Maran said adding that the unique design includes various safety layers such as proprietary encryption and algorithm.

ScanKod applies three technologies – encrypted built-in with a formula that is only known to its designer, algorithm application and a screen sticker similar to a hologram that can be the medium to store data.

Currently, the application is designed for the use of the police who had officially agreed to apply and test the ScanKod.

“If a vehicle is a stolen vehicle, it will indicate in the system which will then allow the police to issue a red flag. This will also reduce vehicle thefts and the purchase of stolen vehicles,” Maran said.

Globe Resources Sdn Bhd chairman, former OCPD Subang Jaya and Terengganu police chief Datuk Muhammad Fuad Talib said the system took four years to be developed with the cooperation of Uniten and the police.

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