Tree tragedy: Dying victim managed to recite Syahadah – witness

KUALA LUMPUR May 7 (Bernama) — Members of the public rushed to the aid of a victim pinned under a fallen tree on Jalan Sultan Ismail and managed to get him to recite the Syahadah before he lost consciousness.

Muhamad Tariq Haikal, a witness to the incident, said the victim was still conscious when he was found by the public.

“When we found him, he was still alive, and I desperately tried to help him by lifting a tree branch off his head, hoping to relieve some of the pressure.

“He was only conscious for five minutes. There were also others around who helped him to recite the testimony of faith.  After that, he lapsed into unconsciousness,” said the real estate agent.

In the 2pm incident, one man died and two others were injured after a huge tree fell onto the road and the monorail track, pinning down 17 vehicles.

Describing the incident, Muhamad Tariq recounted that he was at his office near the scene when he heard a loud bang, followed by strong winds and heavy rain. It was then that he discovered a tree had fallen, crushing several vehicles.

“The sound was chilling. At that moment, everyone in the area fell silent, stunned by the unfolding events,” he told reporters at the scene today.

He said a woman quickly contacted the Prasarana monorail authorities to halt the monorail travelling on the route from KL Sentral to Medan Tuanku because the fallen tree had also hit the rail track near the Raja Chulan station.

According to Muhamad Tariq, he and several others also helped other victims by taking them all to the Concorde Hotel for treatment.