Traditional CNY delicacies distributed at Arau carnival

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ARAU, Jan 28: More than 1,000 pieces of traditional Chinese delicacies were distributed during the 2024 Chinese New Year Carnival which started here from Friday. The carnival at the Pauh Setia community hall will last until Feb 1. 

Carnival chairman Low Wei Han told reporters last night that the ‘Chai Kuih’ and ‘Kuang Chiang’ treats were meticulously prepared by a group of 13 women, aged between 42 and 84 who had used time-honoured recipes.

“These treats are meant to share the rich culinary heritage with the people attending the carnival, especially the younger generations. The residents of Pauh (in Arau) are mostly Teowchew. So the treats distributed are Chai Kuih and Kuang Chiang, which are popular during Chinese New Year,” he said.

Low explained that there are two variations of the Chai Kuih recipe. The first one uses turnip or Chinese chives are mixed with dried shrimp and carrots. The second recipe features yam or bamboo shoots, with dried shrimp and pork.

Kuang Chiang is for vegetarians, so its recipe is based on yam, beans and white radish wrapped in beancurd skin,” he explained.

He revealed that making these delicacies required four to five hours of hard work and emphasised that perfect results for the delicacies can only be turned out by those who have the traditional skills and experience.