Street Food Royalty: Maharaja Toko Makan’s Char Koay Teow Triumph

by Rahim Said

There is a food truck in front of Plaza Damansara, opposite Caring Pharmacy, in Damansara Heights, selling truly superb fried char koay teow.

It captures that authentic taste reminiscent of the plates enjoyed along the Esplanade in George Town, Penang.

This char koay teow strikes the perfect balance with just the right amount of oil, two plump prawns, sliced fish cakes, optional cockles, chives, and bean sprouts. The combined taste is sensational — a delightful Malay take on the Penang classic.

What stands out most, however, is the cleanliness of this food truck. Its bright white exterior and sparkling stainless steel interior immediately catch the eye. The owners wear gloves, ensuring hygiene, though aprons and chef caps would complete the professional look.

When I suggested this to them, they promised to consider it. I even joked that I might bring aprons and chef caps next time I visit.

The tables set up for customers are the best in the area. Adding mahjong white sheets could give the place a bit more class, and providing colour pencils could keep kids entertained while their parents enjoy the fried noodles.

This venture is run by two local brothers, Hakim and Haziq, who are clearly dedicated to their craft. They have only been operating for six months, but with community support, I have no doubt they will thrive.

Maharaja Toko Makan is open from 5 pm to 10 pm, Monday through Friday. The cook, a biker, enjoys riding on weekends, so make sure to catch them on weekdays to enjoy this fantastic street food experience. Support these young entrepreneurs and savour the taste of Penang in the heart of Damansara Heights!