Stories You Will Never Read: A celebration of young talents

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13: The launch of “Stories You Will Never Read” book this coming Sunday, Oct 15 with Bukufixi at Anak Baba in Brickfields here, is a celebration of the works of young, budding writers in the country, says organiser Megan Wonowidjoyo.

In a press statement here today, Megan said the book also underlines the beauty of stories, the excellence of teaching, and the creative imagination of talents amongst the young Generation Z of Malaysia today.

“Although these stories are their small and private voices, they contribute to the contemporary social memory of our times. With our writers coming from different parts of the country, these stories represent the cultural diversity in Malaysia and the many interesting stories happening in our midst.

“In the face of our fast-changing future, this book aims to build Malaysia’s storytelling culture, discover the gems in our various cultures, and celebrate their diversity in myriad story genres and forms, which carry their questions and new ideas for tomorrow.

“Although our storytellers are young, they bravely deal with sensitive issues, and controversial topics, foretelling a new generation taking on the baton from past great masters to reshape the contemporary arts and cultural landscape as Malaysia’s emerging voices.”

Born from the “Storytelling and Mythology” class, writer and lecturer Dr. Chuah Guat Eng introduces the stories in the foreword: “Bearing in mind the centrality of storytelling in creative writing, the primary aim of the course was to familiarize the students with various aspects of mythology and storytelling.

“Students were also encouraged to give their work a distinctive Malaysian identity by dealing with authentic Malaysian issues instead of imitating western or Hollywood-style ways of telling stories…The twelve stories in this collection are examples of the lessons they learnt.”

The book launch at Anak Baba this Sunday will also feature live reading by the authors.

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