Staying cool amid the heat of social media


Staying cool amid the heat of social media

PETALING JAYA: Nikita Menon represents the new generation of women whose social media skills are taking them places in the era of innovative internet marketing and business.

Following her participation in the Miss Malaysia/Universe 2019 pagent, where she was among the top ten finalists, Nikita today is a successful influencer and the new age entrepreneur.

Nikita Menon speaks to Weekly Echo (WE) on marketing innovations in the social media and how she expects to grow her brand while pursuing her studies in a local university. Photo by WE.

The 25-year old reaches out to an audience of more than 55 thousand people via her Instagram account alone, whether it is to share beauty and health tips, or to promote the message of a corporate organisation. Her marketing efforts also include postings on her other social media platforms, where she has strong followings as well.

All these, amid pursuing her marketing studies in a local university!

Weekly-Echo catches up with her for a chat.

Q: How did you handle the MCO (Movement Control Order:

“There was a lot of fears earlier, not knowing what it was all about. But it got better as I gained more more information about COVID-19 virus and how it could affect all of us. The early days of staying home, checking the phone and eating only home food was also alright but after a few days, I got into exercising, sharing tips on social media and generally making sure I was sleeping well, eating right to ensure my immunity stayed strong.”

Q: If you get to travel once travel restrictions are off, where would you like to go and why?

India. I love it there. A whole new energy.

Q: How do you handle any negativity in the Internet. What would you say to young people who are sometimes ruthlessly bullied in the social media.

They must realise that there are some people who simply come to the social media sites to pose negative stuff and so on. They often hide behind names that are not even real. I usually block people who pose rude postings.  I have gone through the situation too, where postings on my physical self and so on would be made.

I also learnt something about being detached during a 10-day retreat I took last year.None of the participants were allowed to carry their phones. We learnt to rely on ourselves. It made me realise that at the end of the day, what I think about myself was what that mattered.