PN MP should be fighting for the well being of nurses not picking on their uniform – Buntong Assemblywoman Thulsi

KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 – Perikatan Nasional’s lawmaker Wan Razali Wan Nor has clearly insulted the nursing profession, said Buntong state assemblywoman Thulsi Manogaran, referring to the former’s recent statement that the uniforms of nurses in the country were too tight.

Since the statement was made in the Parliament, the social networks have been swamped with complaints, protests and jokes surrounding the uniform of nurses and how they can become a subject of ill perception by a minor faction of the society.

The challenges faced by nurses and their plight should be the priority but instead the parliamentarian has been picking on their dressing, Thulsi said in a statement issued today.

”Picking on what nurses wear male or female is in itself fundamentally wrong and shows where their priorities are.

“Perikatan Nasional’s priorities in Parliament has never been about the welfare and wellbeing of the rakyat. How is possible for him to raise such a blatant insult when debating the Health White Paper?

“Just a week ago, PN lawmakers refuse to debate the Auditor General report, and today they want to pick and insult the nursing profession. As law makers, PN leaders must learn how to set aside their personal opinions and distinguish between imposing that on professional bodies like the nursing profession,” she said.

She said his statement was also an insult against women in general, and more so against the thousands of nurses who have served in Malaysia for the welfare and well being of Malaysians regardless of age, gender and colour.