PM Anwar to clarify cost of living issues, revenue collection in Dewan Rakyat today

KUALA LUMPUR, March 26: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is expected to explain the impact on the people’s cost of living and industrial production costs due to the increase in Service Tax from six to eight per cent at today’s Dewan Rakyat session.

According to the Order Paper on the Parliament website, Anwar will also explain the additional amount of revenue collected from all the new tax measures implemented for 2024 in response to a question by Datuk Mohd Shahar Abdullah (BN-Paya Besar) during the Prime Minister’s question time.

There will also be a question from Datuk Dr Ku Abd Rahman Ku Ismail (PN-Kubang Pasu) who wants to know the names of companies from Australia and Germany that are investing RM24.5 billion and RM45.4 billion respectively,  in Malaysia, as announced by the prime minister, as well as the industrial sector to be developed.

Ku Abd Rahman also wants to know the government’s strategy and measures to increase trade value, especially from exports for this year.

In the question-and-answer session, Lim Guan Eng (PH-Bagan) will ask the Minister of Human Resources about the status of the shortage of foreign workers, the numbers still needed and the efforts being made to overcome the issues raised, including the restructuring of the ministry’s agencies.

Meanwhile, the Employees’ Social Security Bill (Amendment) 2024 and the Employment Insurance System Bill (Amendment) 2024 are scheduled to be tabled for the first reading in the Dewan Rakyat today.

Today’s session will also continue the debate on the Supply (Re-Allocation of Expenditure Allocation) Bill 2024 at the committee level.

This week is the final week of the Dewan Rakyat session (Third Session of 15th Parliament) which started last Feb 26.