PM Anwar launches Sustainable Business Program in Brickfields

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 4: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim launched the Sustainable Business Program@Kuala Lumpur D’Medan Selera Madani in Kompleks Tun Sambanthan in Brickfields here today.

Apart from spending some time with the Indian community in an event at Brickfields or Little India, Anwar, who was accompanied by Human Resources Minister V.Sivakumar, and several leaders from the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), also took the opportunity to explain his reasons for encouraging Muslims to live by the Living Hadith module 40 of Imam Nawawi.

He also clarified, amid recent talks and fears raised by some people that non-Muslims would be coerced into subscribing the 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi (which are based on the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, SAW,), that it would be important for Muslims to live by the Hadith and that it would not involve the coercion of non-Muslims or believers of other religions.

He also urged those politicising the issue to realise that such acts will only damage and not contribute in any way towards the development and unity of the multi-racial Malaysian society.

— WE