(Updated) PM Anwar announces holidays for Friday, Monday, Rahmah toll-free travelling and more goodies ahead of Hari Raya

Prime Minister announces good news for coming Hari Raya. Screengrab courtesy of RTM livestream.

Updating with change in graf 2, and additional info.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 18 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today announced several benefits for the people in conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

In a special address telecast live over RTM, the prime minister said the measures included no toll payments for a four-day period from April 19 to April 21 as well as on April 24, aimed at easing the burden of the people as they travel back home to celebrate Hari Raya.

Other good news included the announcement of a public holiday on Friday, April 22, should Hari Raya fall on Saturday as well as a holiday on Monday April 24. The anouncement will be made on Thursday following the sighting of the new moon on Thursday.

The Free RAHMAH Toll will see a waiver for all road users for the four-day period during Aidilfitri involving 33 highways for all vehicle classes.

The prime minister also said the government with the collaboration of selected supermarkets has agreed to offer the price of raw goods such as chicken, onions, basic food items for the needs of RAHMAH Menu entrepreneurs at a special discount rate.

Among other good news, Anwar also said special rates will be offered to the people to settle their police traffic summons from April 21 until May 21, with a rate of RM50 for each summon.

Meanwhile, a total of 1,000 prison inmates under the Licensed Prisoner Release Program (PBSL) will be allowed to return home to celebrate Aidilfitri with their families, while inmates of other faiths will also get the opportunity to be with their families.

The prime minister also announced that the government in cooperation with the Malaysian Cement and Concrete Association (C&CA) and private housing developers will offer cement prices at affordable rates to developers of affordable homes priced at RM300,000 and below. This is expected to reduce houses prices by a maximum of RM5,000 depending on the type and price of the house. The allocation of RM120 million for this private incentive will come from cement suppliers towards the building of 24,000 units of affordable homes.

An additional allocation of RM250 million was also announced for the maintenance of the Federal Road for the benefit of small Bumiputera contractors. This will increase the RM750 million allocation for the maintenance of Federal roads announced in the 2023 Budget to RM1 billion.

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