Penang to sell cheaper “Beras Cap Feri” rice

GEORGE TOWN, March 26: The Penang state government plans to introduce its own rice product, known as ‘Beras Cap Feri’, to be sold at a cheaper price compared to current market rates.

State Agrotechnology, Food Security and Cooperative Development Committe chairman Fahmi Zainol said Beras Cap Feri will be marketed within the next two months to allow people to purchase it at a more affordable price.

“At the last state executive council meeting, it was agreed that the state government will produce its own rice, namely Beras Cap Feri, and today I chaired the first meeting of the Penang Rice Steering Committee, involving several government agencies. 

“We are focusing on marketing Beras Cap Feri within the next two months, and the price and quantity will be determined in the subsequent meetings.

“Most importantly, the government is trying its best to offer a cheaper price compared to the market,” he told Bernama.

He said the state government also proposed that all government agencies offer Beras Cap Feri in ‘Rahmah’ or government agency-sponsored sales in Penang.

Fahmi said further discussions regarding its production with federal and state agencies will continue in the second meeting, and the state government hopes to receive support and cooperation from all parties.