Parti Amanah should be main bulwark against extremist thinking, says Selangor rep Abbas Saimmi

KLANG, Dec 24: Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) needs to be the main bulwark in the fight against extremist thinking, brought by some political parties as a tool to undermine stability and harmony in this country.

Selangor Amanah representative Abbas Salimmi Che Azmi said that such thinking can poison and damage the understanding of the people, so that it affects the efforts and good deeds carried out by the Unity Government.

“Amanah must champion the issue and be the main bulwark to fend off extremist thinking, because as long as there is such a thinking it will be difficult for the country to progress, when we have good policies and very great ideas,” he said, when debating the presidential speech at the 2023 Amanah National Convention, here yesterday.

Meanwhile, Padang Besar Amanah chief, Captain (Rtd) Mohamad Saad @ Yahaya, in his debate, called for the party to control social media, to correct all the lies brought by the opposition party.

Amanah Youth vice-chief Muhammad Faris Ariffin wants grassroots members to work together to promote the party and raise the name of Amanah, to be on par with other parties in the Pakatan Harapan (PH)  coalition.

“We should not ask what the party can do for us, instead, we should ask ourselves what we can do for the party to ensure that the message brought by Amanah, which is Rahmatan Lil Alamin, can be conveyed to the public and attract more people with Amanah, to act in the right track,” he said.

A total of about 1,000 delegates from all over the country attended the convention, themed  ‘Mengangkat Agenda Perpaduan’.