Pannisai Paadasaalai students to present “A Journey in Tamizhisai” concert Dec 3

Dr. Kalaivany Nagappan

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 – Pannisai Paadasaalai, a traditional music school that focuses on the teaching of Thevaram and Thiruvasagam (Tamil devotional hymns/music), is organising its student concert entitled “A Journey in Tamizhisai” at the TSR Conference Hall in Shah Alam this coming Saturday, Dec 3.

Established in 2019, the music school has trained hundreds of students in the art of Tamil devotional music, mainly the singing/reciting the sets of Thevaram and Thiruvasagam poetry, its founder Dr. Kalaivany Nagappan said in a recent press statement.

This year’s concert will feature performances of the school’s students highlighting the pann, an ancient Tamil system of melody, applied in the rendition of Thevaram.

“The students have been training very hard, and whether you are a fan of Tamil devotional music
or simply curious to experience this rich cultural tradition, these children certainly plan to make it an enjoyable and interesting event.

“It will not be just about singing, but brief explanations will be also provided on selected verses as well the pann system,” said Kalaivany.

“Thevaram is a Tamil hymnal with over 10,000 ancient verses spread across seven sections. The event will be educational as well since many are unaware of the ancient Tamil musical system of Pann or Pannisai.”

“A Journey in Tamizhisai” is also aimed at introducing the Pannisai through the Thevaram hymns sung by the trio of Tamil sages Tirugnyaanasambanthar, Tirunaavukkarasar and Suntharar,” Kalaivany said.

The concert is also aimed at creating more opportunities for the students to bring it to the next level including putting it on stage as a performing art, she said.

“Thevaram has been sung as devotional hymns in temples and religious ceremonies. With this upcoming concert, we hope to showcase it as a performing arts that can attract the coming generations and keep this art well and alive in the years to come,” she said.

To promote Tamizhisai, Kalaivany said her school also provides Thevaram certification programmes for adults and children.

For more information on the concert, please call: 012929 1175.