(Updated) Only Anwar as 10th PM can pull Malaysia out from its dire straits – 102 Malay NGOs

Photo grab from TikTok account of mrtomhank

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 – A group representing 102 Malay non governmental organisations in the country, today pledged their support for Anwar Ibrahim, saying he was the most suited candidate for the post of Malaysia’s 10th Prime Minister.

He is the only candidate who will be able to bring changes to the country in a holistic way, said Datuk Hazir bin Mohamad Zin, Chairman of Pertubuhan Sukarelawan Rakyat Aman and also Deputy Chairman of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Amal Ummah at a press conference here today.

The joint press conference aired live through a TikTok account@mrtomhank saw the attendance of representatives from 102 Malay NGOs.

Hazir, who coordinated the gathering, said many of the NGOs had been pledging their support for Anwar separately and the event today was to consolidate all the support considering the ongoing political development in the country.

“We are doing this because we want a leader who can bring changes to the country in a holistic way. This is not about just changing a prime minister. We (the country) have changed prime ministers nine times. So let the 10th prime minister be someone whose intention is to really protect the interest of the Malaysian people from the various races. We are confident that that leader is Anwar and that is why we are pledging our support.

“In reality, Anwar’s premiership should have taken place right after the 14th General Election but we understand this did not take place. So this time, let us ensure some real changes representing the people of various races in the country take place.”