Meeting with BN went well, with discussions focused on political stability, economy – Anwar

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 – Pakatan Harapan’s Prime Minister designate Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said he was very pleased with the pace of exchanges between his unity party, comprising PKR, DAP and the Barisan Nasional towards forming a coalition party with the needed majority seats to form a new government.

PH and BN went into a highly charged meeting this morning at the Pan Pacific Hotel here as the deadline for parties to submit the name of their coalition party and prime minister candidate to the King had been originally set at 2pm today. The deadline has since been pushed to tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 22.

Malaysia is in the midst of a hung Parliament following the 15th General Election on Saturday, where none of the parties received the required 112 number of seats for a simple majority to form a government.

Speaking at a press briefing following the PH and BN meeting, Anwar said both parties have had several discussions with seven negotiators representing BN.

“We looked at the fundamental issues and I was very pleased as our discussion was focused on the need to form a stable and an inclusive government that will take care of the interest of all citizens and all states.”

He said several areas of priorities were also set, particularly on driving the country’s economy and pushing the country forward.

Although the deal between PH and BN has yet to be finalised, as BN has sought for a little more time to discuss with other parties that had sought to negotiate with them, Anwar said he was very pleased with the development and the commitment showed.

“I am optimistic that we will be able to form a government that is more transparent, more democratic to safeguard the interest of the rakyat in Malaysia.”

Asked if there were any conditions set by either parties during the discussion, Anwar said there was none and that the focus was on having a unity government and recovering the country’s economy.