No proper public transport in Bandar Putera 2, says office worker

Residents in Bandar Putera 2 are hoping that the Smart Selangor Free Bus Service can be extended to their area as well. Currently, the service terminates at Kota Kemuning, which is 10 km away.

By RK Indumathinii

KLANG, Dec 13 – Travelling to work is a major problem for Alice, 32, who stays in a housing area in Bandar Putera 2 here.

“There is no access to proper public transportation here. People here travel either by using their own transport or use call taxi services,” Alice told Weekly Echo recently.

Alice, who works in an office in Puchong, said the nearest train KTM train station was 30 km away, while the Smart Selangor bus route ends in Kota Kemuning, which is 10km away. There is a MRT service coming up nearby but its completion is due only in 2023.

“Taking a call-taxi to the train station and catching the train there is the best option for many of us here but that becomes very expensive if done daily.

“I hope the Smart Selangor bus service can be extended closer to this taman as it can also serve as a feeder bus to the KTM train station and the MRT service in future,” Alice said.

“Residents in this area will be also able to travel easily and cut their cost as well as it is a free service. This might also reduce heavy traffic in the area as many might take the public transport than travel in their cars,” she opined.

“As Bandar Putera 2 Klang comes under the Sungai Kandis constituency and it is under the Klang Town Council, which also takes care of the Smart Selangor free bus services that is provided around the Klang areas. I hope the relevant authorities will look into this problem.”