No directive for Kemas preschools to hold graduation ceremonies in hotels

KOTA SAMARAHAN, Feb 2:  The Ministry of Rural and Regional Development has not issued any directive for Community Development Department (Kemas) kindergartens and preschools to organise graduation ceremonies in hotels, says Deputy Minister Datuk Rubiah Wang.

She clarified that instead, Kemas has offered guidelines to ensure these events are conducted modestly, taking into consideration the financial burden on parents.

Addressing concerns raised on social media, where parents voiced their disagreement with hosting graduation ceremonies in hotels or expensive venues, Rubiah emphasised that the ultimate decision rests with the management committee of the respective childcare centres.

“It’s at the discretion of the management committees. While their intention is to offer a memorable graduation ceremony in an appealing venue, there are no official guidelines mandating hotel venues.

“We acknowledge the concerns and are actively addressing this matter,” she told a press conference after the launch of the Village Entrepreneurs Mini Carnival.

Meanwhile, Kemas director-general Datuk Ahmad Kamal Idris Mohd Nawawi, said all state directors have been instructed to ensure that each centre conducts a meeting with parents to collectively decide on the location first for the graduation ceremony.

“At the departmental level, we do not allocate specific funds. Our directive to state directors is to oversee the programme planning,” he added.