(Updated) Mohd Safri Puts Up Brave Fight For Gold But Loses to Hungary In Badminton Singles At Special Olympics

Mohd Safri put up a solid fight going into the third set at the Singles Badminton before settling for a silver.

Updating story with latest medal tally.

By Sylvia Kavita Kumares

BERLIN, June 24 – Mohd Safri fought real hard to win another gold medal on Saturday for the Malaysian team at the Special Olympics Berlin World Games in the Singles Badminton final match, but sadly lost to his Hungarian opponent in the third set.

He had earlier provided a highly exciting match in the semi finals against Bahrain with fans from Malaysia cheering him on as he played a strong game in both the sets to take his spot for the finals. He won the game 21-13, 21-10.

Graphics by Phajan Magandran

Mohd Safri was very good at arranging his shots, making it difficult for his opponent to read his game.

It was purely due to fitness that he was not able to keep up the pace in the third set in the final match and although he kept his fighting spirit, his more fit Hungarian opponent beat him to take the gold.

It was a fantastic match nonetheless.

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