Updated: Melaka Election: Man from Gadek baffled by change of voting address to Sabai

Panirselvam, 59, seen with Ipoh Barat Member of Parliament M. Kula Segaran at a restaurant in Gadek, where the former had approached a Pakatan Harapan party member to clear the air on the sudden change in his voting address to Sabai, Pahang.

Updated with correction of name of town and state to Sabai, Pahang.

GADEK, Nov 11 – A local from here, Panirselvam, 59, has claimed that his voting address has been changed to an address in Sabai, in Pahang state without him even knowing about it.

According to Panirselvam, who had voted in the Gadek constituency for the past two elections, said while his address in his identity card shows his Gadek, Melaka address but he had just found out that his voting address has now been changed to Sabai.

Panirselvam is said to have approached a Pakatan Harapan party member who was having lunch at a restaurant here with the Member of Parliament for Ipoh Barat, M. Kula Segaran, to query on his predicament.

The change in his voting address to Sabai is said to have been done without his permission.

Kula said Panirselvam was born and bred in Melaka and was also working here and that he had voted at a school in the state in previous elections.

“This time, his voting address has been changed to Sabai. He did not even know about the change.”

Kula said his concern now was the possibility that there could be more such cases and that the Election Commission must take the appropriate action and rectify the matter as it would be both unfair and a crime.

It is also baffling how the mistake could have taken place when his address in his IC clearly shows he is from Melaka and the change if not rectified, will also rob him of his right to vote in the upcoming state election.

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