Malaysians in anxiety as new COVID-19 cases hit record 9,180

PUTRAJAYA, July 7 – Many Malaysians have taken to the social media to express their anxiety as the country recorded the highest number of daily COVID-19 cases at 9,180 today.

The Health Ministry in its daily update today said the new cases have pushed the total number of cases in the country to 817,838, a little short of one million.

A total of 77 deaths were also reported, bringing to total 5,980 people who have died from the virus in Malaysia. Some 959 people are in intensive care units with 465 of them on ventilators.

A total of 5,713 people have recovered from the virus but this news seems to have not raised Malaysians’ spirit looking at the comments and information being passed around in the social media, especially in WhatsApp group chats.

Most of them have expressed wonder over why the numbers are going up when the vaccination drive has gained momentum.

Other information being shared include the possible reasons for the increase, such as those vaccinated could still possibly be vulnerable to the virus, and that there may be many silent carriers without symptoms and passing on the virus. Then of course there are those who also wondering if there are any political reasons for this sudden surge in numbers.

Whatever, the fight is still on, and the Health Ministry’s advice is to keep observing the routine of washing the hands, keeping social distance and staying home if there is nothing urgent outside.