Letter: What Leadership Means?

To the cultured man on the street, leadership means a person who is competent and has the necessary capacity to lead by principles, exercises conscience and above all, a person who has a high-sense of integrity and honesty. He carries out his duties without compromising on standards and rules.

At the same-time he uses his common sense, personal discretion to look into issues, situations and circumstances of people carefully before deciding to take the most appropriate action to resolve issues and problems. He consults his peers if necessary, men of good conscience to bring about order and justice. He upholds democratic principles.

He is kind and considerate in his judgement before taking the necessary remedial action to put things right.

He is fair and just in his ethical behaviour. He has no absolute tendency for greed of any kind. He cherishes family values. He respects all citizens without prejudice. He brings hope and betterment to the nation and people.  His approach is based on universal love and respect for people regardless of caste, race and religion.

A man of such a character is an asset to any nation. The country prospers under a policy of non-dictatorship in a democracy based on just and fair system of administration.

John Panir