Hotelier lodges report over extortion, intimidation from former partner

Brickfields police station.
By Aarthi

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7 – A well-known Malaysian hotelier has lodged a police report over the criminal intimidation and extortion from his former business partner who had been allegedly harassing him for more money.

In his report, the hotelier has claimed that he had been putting up with his former partner’s antics as there was business and reputation to be considered.

“The threats intensified and he began to demand for more money but there came a point where I just could not go on,” the hotelier who runs several luxury hotels in the country said.

He first lodged a report in October when the former partner demanded huge money which he claimed had been channeled to the hotelier by an investor.

“When I refused, he had started tarnishing my name in the media. I have no choice but to make another police report last night,” he said.

The 48-year-old hotelier said he had handed over all proof of documentations including banking transactions to the police.

“I am also worried because my former partner is associated with fugitive businessman Tedy Teow, founder of MBI Group International Sdn Bhd who was recently charged with money-laundering activities and fear that this may stain the reputation of my business,” he said in his police report, made available to Weekly Echo.

Tedy who is dubbed as Jho Low 2, is on the Interpol Red Notice list for questioning. He was placed under the Thai immigration police’s custody after his visa was revoked and expected to be deported to China by end of the month.