A drive and personal glimpse into Zahid Hamidi’s journey and personality

by Rahim Said

Image courtesy of DS Dr Zahid Hamidi’s FB

In 1987, a young Zahid Hamidi, then an executive in the Ministry of Youth, chauffeured my family and me from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson.

He exuded cheerfulness, friendliness, and politeness, reflecting his dedication to his role in his political party. Although the exact details of the event are somewhat blurred now, I can still recall the drive where Zahid, along with his influential and youthful comrade, engaged in political chatter.

During our journey, Zahid’s responsible driving, coupled with friendly banter in the front seat, captured our attention.

It was only during an unexpected diaper change for our one-year-old son that Zahid’s true charisma unfolded. Making an emergency stop at a kampung house, he skillfully negotiated the use of their facilities, showcasing his ability to charm even in unforeseen circumstances.

Reflecting on this encounter, it seemed Zahid had the makings of a promising politician. Fast forward to today, and regardless of one’s opinions about him, Zahid Hamidi has ascended to the position of Deputy Prime Minister, validating my intuition from years ago.

This personal anecdote sheds light on the human side of a prominent political figure, highlighting Zahid’s affable nature and ability to navigate both formal political discussions and unexpected situations with grace.

It serves as a reminder that beneath the political titles lie individuals whose journeys are shaped by personal encounters, perhaps even a chance diaper change at a kampong house along the old Port Dickson-Seremban road!

Dr. Rahim Said is a human behaviourist and regular contributor on digital media platforms. He is a professional management consultant, a corporate trainer and an executive coach specialising in coaching of senior executives and individual entrepreneurs with the purpose of modifying their behaviour in the pursuit of their cherished missions.