Fast food operator among 6 best Malaysian employers

Azhar Darbi, Chief People Officer of McDonald’s Malaysia receiving the Best of the Best 2021 Award from Ridhima Khanduja, Partner & Market Leader of Kincentric Malaysia via an online event.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 14 – Human resources consulting firm Kincentric Malaysia today announced its list of six best employers in the country, citing the companies’ above average performances in the areas of leadership, talent focus, staff engagement and agility during the challenging pandemic period.

The six employers were Gerbang Alaf Restaurants (McDonalds), SP Setia Group, Lotuss Stores (Malaysia) – formerly known as Tesco Stores, edotco, Startek Malaysia and SkyWorld.

In a press release here today, Kincentric said the winning employers showcased competence and compassion in navigating the second pandemic-troubled year with an adept demonstration of organizational agility.

The Best of the Best recognition went to McDonalds for their standout engagement scores that not only improved in 2021 but came out top amongst the Best Employers.

Known for their deep and long-standing commitment to listening to their people, McDonalds launched new initiatives that emphasized employee wellness, networking, and community building such as their ‘New Office Playbook’ and a new learning management system, Kincentric said. As an organization, McDonalds consistently strives to go above and beyond traditional training and development investment.

Ridhima Khanduja, Partner and Market Leader for Kincentric Malaysia said, “The two-year disruption resulted in an unprecedented change in how, when and where we work. This impacts the way we feel about our jobs, especially around expectations of employers in managing employee wellbeing and responsibilities, offering clear career pathways and goals, as well as flexibility and performance expectations. Employees are also looking for more impact in their work and a place with purpose, one committed to shaping a better world.”

Key insights from Kincentric’s Best Employers Program cites how the Great Resignation has created opportunities for employers to capitalize on what they view as the Talent Uprising.

Ridhima elaborated, “Leaders and organizations need to act fast to retain and attract the talent needed to achieve business goals. To do this, leaders and their organizations need to leverage on the learnings of the past two years to evolve and make meaningful changes in the workplace. This can be done by improving agility and building a culture where employees feel engaged, inspired, respected, connected, and committed.

The program also revealed how employees also began to search and demand for flexibility, compensation, connection, and culture they desired.

Flexibility was key as 93% of employees cited that they wanted the flexibility on when they work, 56% of employees are open to new job opportunities that may provide them more flexibility, and 21% are more likely to jump ship to get that flexibility[1].

Many employees also prefer to stay and help create the change they would like to see and therein lies the opportunity for leaders and organisations to facilitate and encourage this natural process to ensure that businesses can thrive and benefit from having engaged and committed employees.

Under the program, special recognition was also awarded to Hartalega Sdn Bhd and IOI Properties for their robust structure and approach in improving and investing in its employees while elevating its top management to be more engaged and effective.