BGDG comes to the aid of 13 families in Klang

KLANG, July 7 – Like many other affected Malaysians, residents of the Hainanese Village in Port Klang have been also badly hit by the pandemic.

Many living in the village had lost their jobs and source of income and the recent Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) has also affected supply of essential goods for some families living in the area. 

While some people had put out white flags, many had refrained from doing so although they were facing difficulties, said Sherlyn Sze, the Vice Chairman of Social Integration and Sharing (SIS) Committee with charity organisation Be Good Do Good (BGDG) Association.

From Left: Kevic Soo, Sherlyn Sze, a villager and the Village Head Loo Cheng Boon

“Two days back, a distress call came from one villager asking for help,” said Sherlyn, who did not disclose further details of the villagers facing difficulties except that help was rendered to them immediately by BGDG’s strategic partner helmed by a group of entrepreneurs who had requested anonymity.

“There are many, many more people in need of help and the list are long,” said Brian Yap who is the Chairman of SIS, adding that among those affected include those who also cannot work as family members have fallen sick and they have to take care of them, while there are others who are disabled and there are also old and helpless folks. “We are trying to help as many as possible,” he said in a press statement issued by BGDG.

Commending the ongoing white flag movement in the country, Victor Ooi, the President of the BGDG organisation, which has been providing help to the poor and marginalised in the recent years, said the pandemic has impacted the socioeconomic landscape of the population especially the families, women, and children.