When it rains in Sri Muda…

A heavy rain in Sri Muda Saturday afternoon gave some residents the jitters but all was well by late evening. Section 25, Shah Alam photo by Weekly Echo.

SHAH ALAM, Aug 20 – When it rains in Sri Muda, some residents are reasonably concerned – they did after all go through one of the worst floods late last year and early this year, losing their cars and furniture, home appliances to mud and flood waters before making their recoveries only recently.

Some lost their lives.

On Saturday, when a torrential rain started around noon here and reportedly also in the Klang area, causing flash floods in some parts, it was only natural for some of them to start experiencing “flood trauma.”

For Rawa, who lives with her husband and baby, having lost most of her furniture and household appliances when her house in Section 25 was three-quarter submerged in rain water, the heavy rain was “scary”.

“Only recently we completed a full clean-up and painting the house. Can’t imagine going through this again,” she told Weekly Echo, adding that many of her friends living in the area started recording the water rise in their respective areas and sharing it via the social media.

“Flood trauma is not just a word but a real response for many living in the Sri Muda area here (and probably other parts of the country) whenever there is a prolonged rain and water level goes slightly up,” said a professional counsellor, but added that having gone through such a traumatic experience, people were also generally more prepared and will know the steps to be taken to keep safe and so on.

The vulnerable people however will still need help, she said, adding that one factor contributing to flash floods continued to be poor drainage systems and people’s apathy when it comes to clearing rubbish.

“Here, some people tie up their rubbish in plastic and throw it in the nearby water flowing areas. The rubbish stack up and when it rains heavily, the water cannot flow properly through the systems.”

Meanwhile, Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari said a statement earlier today said the state government had been closely monitoring the situation in Seri Muda and had taken necessary measures to bring down the water levels. He said he had received the information on the flash floods and the government agencies were also on standby in the event of any further development. As at late evening, the situation was under control.