What do you make of your dreams?

by Trailerman Sam (trailer17@hotmail.com)

The great Acharya Sri Ramanuja in his divine work “Sri Bashyam” says that dreams are true and given by God.

The cumulative effects of our good and bad deeds are also depleted through dreams, so I’m told. Thus, they are equally considered as a sign of good and bad omen.

The Western world views dreams as strongly related to the human psyche. On the contrary, the Indian concept of dreams harps on the fact that human beings who lead a pure life can surely build kinship with the past, present and future world through this channel of communication!

Dreams are not merely unsystematic images but instead are a mode of expression through which our subconscious communicates with us. By being attentive to symbols, emotions and patterns within our dreams, it might be possible to unravel their subliminal messages.

Dreaming of a clear and clean waterfall possibly could stipulate that goodness and prosperity are about to knock on your door. Make sure you don’t miss out on lucky jackpot numbers in the forecast draw of the day.

And the dream of a tree with mouth-watering fruits or blooming flowers could also predict a sign of good luck. It could mean that you are about to reap the fruits of your hard work. Make sure to keep on smiling ear to ear while at work!

Dream interpretations in the Hindu way can take on denotative meanings that ought to be scrutinised properly. They could be harbingers of good luck or grave danger, thus predicting a mix of fortunes.

Surprisingly, many symbols could indicate the opposite of what you might have hoped, too. It’s  not an easy task.

Dreaming about various animals could typify different characteristic attitudes, like being independent, loyal and being free. Or rethinking on what life is about, or the need to switch gears and adopt a more aggressive stance when dealing with people with an attitude.

If you dream of an elephant, it could mean good health, success, strength, prosperity, and intelligence as elephants are known as obstacles removers just like Lord Ganesha.

A lion could suggest honour, power, fame or recognition may come your way soon.

What about a camel? Be prepared for more heavy burdens on your shoulders, either heroically or otherwise.

Since cats represent treachery and fraud, dreaming of killing it could suggest that your enemies may be discovered.

To dream of being chased by a cow could well represent being pursued by an enemy.

Try not to dream of a black buffalo — the vehicle of Yama or the Hindu God of Death. He is often depicted as a dark-complexioned man, riding a buffalo and carrying a noose or mace to capture souls.

Dreams could point towards a sorrowful funeral ceremony if you happen to wake up from dreaming about a wedding while it’s more of the opposite if it was a dream about a funeral, which means someone close could be getting married!

A ghost, either pretty or gruesome-looking, has always been a sign of bad omen suggesting tremendous obstacles blocking one’s ambition.

And never, never take any of the so-called lucky four-digit forecast numbers from any kind of ghost. It could spell disaster.

I remember very well, some 20 years ago on the eve of my wedding, I had the weirdest dream of my lifetime: in the dream both me and my ex were carrying a coffin in our arms. Till now I still cannot fathom the significance of the dream or what went wrong with my marriage. Or were the signs already there?

Of late, I seem to love dreaming about intelligent life from a much-advanced world in outer space. In other words, aliens…who are more than willing to give me a quick ride to their planets. Must be my frequent burning desire to see evolution in one way or the other.

In one of my many dreams, I had agreed to give away any good remaining years on Planet Earth for someone more deserving and will be all ready to go just after celebrating this year’s Deepavali. Sounds rather morbid?

Most experts believe that dreams touching on morbidity are the rarest forms of dreams. While dreaming, you are conscious that you are dreaming but you keep on dreaming. Am I beginning to sound too complicated?  

To avoid becoming too caught up in dreams and their meanings, you should continuously remember that they are just dreams.

I too must get real. I mustn’t go on trying to analyse every dream that I have…I might end up wasting my time and life. Well, well, let’s not harp too much on dreams, pay more attention to life.

Let’s wake up to more beautiful tomorrows!