Vans to replace S’gor Smart Buses in narrow & high-density areas next year

SHAH ALAM, Oct 10: The Selangor government will introduce the Selangor Mobility DRT (Demand-Responsive Transit) Van service next year to replace the Selangor Smart Bus facility in high-density areas and narrow routes.

State Investment, Trade and Mobility Committee chairman Ng Sze Han said the DRT Van system prioritises passenger transport to increase the use of major public transport like the rail and bus.

“Following the announcement by the Ministry of Transport to coordinate bus routes at the Federal Government level through Prasarana Bhd, the Selangor Government through the Selangor Mobility Standing Committee Meeting yesterday had decided to review Selangor Smart Bus routes so that they can be jointly coordinated under the ministry’s plans,” he said in a statement today.

For now, he said the state government handles 50 Selangor Smart Bus routes, with 166 buses operating since 2016.

Ng said the review will include improving the comprehensive first and last-mile connectivity ecosystem covering comfortable walkways, micro-mobility like e-scooters and electric bicycles as well as the introduction of the DRT Van system.

With this, he said the state government hopes the public transportation system will become the preferred choice of Selangor and Klang Valley folk by 2030, in line with the Selangor Public Transportation Master Plan, which envisions 60 per cent of users choosing to use public transportation.