Unlike PN, Umno had healthy respect when it fielded non-Malays in Malay strongholds – Ganabatirau

PENANG, Aug 11 – UMNO displayed healthy respect for non-Malays, when it boldly fielded Indians in Malay dominated state constituencies in the past, said Klang Member of Parliament during a ceramah here Thursday night.

Perikatan Nasional on the other hand is deliberately putting Indian candidates to face Indian candidates from DAP in the coming elections, he alleged.

Unlike Umno, which led Barisan Nasional, which will field an Indian candidate in an area where more than 50 percent voters are Malays, and will also go on to ensure that the candidate wins, PN is not doing any such thing.

Whether in Penang, Perak or Kedah, PN has not fielded any non-Malay in a Malay dominated area as it really has no plans to see its Indian candidate win, he claimed.

“Most of these candidates have been enticed into believing that PN has given them a chance and hence putting up their support for them. They are being duped,” he further alleged.

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