Two passenger planes collide at Japan’s New Chitose Airport

TOKYO, Jan 16: Two passenger planes made contact on the ground at New Chitose Airport in Japan’s northern prefecture of Hokkaido on Tuesday evening, with no reports of injuries so far, reported Xinhua.

At around 5:30 pm local time, a Korean Air aircraft and a Cathay Pacific plane “came into contact with each other,” according to national broadcaster NHK, citing the operator Hokkaido Airports Co., Ltd. as saying.

According to the operator, the incident occurred as the two planes were maneuvering on the runway, with the Korean Air flight that was about to take off colliding with the Cathay Pacific plane that was parked next to it. Both planes reported damages.

There were a total of 289 passengers and crew on board the Korean Air flight, national news agency Kyodo reported, adding that the Cathay Pacific plane was parked and unmanned.

Meanwhile, NHK, citing sources with Cathay Pacific Airways, said the plane was on the ground at the time of the contact, with passengers on board.

With northern and eastern Japan bracing for winter chills and heavy snow through Tuesday, NHK footage showed it was snowing at the airport at the time of the collision, which caused damage to both aircraft.

The police said no injuries have been reported, while the fire department said no incidents of fire or fuel leakage occurred.

Earlier this month, a Japan Airlines passenger plane heading from New Chitose Airport to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft after landing at Haneda, with both aircraft catching fire.

Although all 379 passengers and crew members on board the passenger plane evacuated, five of the six crew members aboard the Japan Coast Guard aircraft were confirmed dead, while the captain who managed to escape earlier was severely injured.