Two DAP Candidates In Kedah Go All Out With PH’s War Cry of #KalihBagiSama

Tan Kok Wai (in white) raises his hands with Pakatan Harapan supporters
Teh Swee Leong in a sea of red

Contributed by Tiffany Oon

ALOR SETAR, Aug 1: As election campaigning gets more intense in Kedah’s political showdown over 36 constituencies in the state elections, the Democratic Action Party (DAP) is fielding only two candidates this time around – incumbents — Tan Kok Wai,56, for Derga and Teh Swee Leong,34, for Kota Darul Aman.

Both DAP candidates will run on #KalihBagiSama – the social media war cry of Pakatan Harapan (PH). It means shifting towards equating the state with that of the federal level’s PH and Barisan Nasional partnership.

Tan faces a three-cornered fight against Muhammad Amri Wahab of Perikatan Nasional (PN) and independent Man Basiron while Teh confronts a single opponent from PN, Chuah See Seng.

Tan, currently the Kedah DAP Chairman and a former member of the Kedah State Executive Council, has served Derga for two terms. His constituents remember him fondly for always lending a helping hand during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sufficient food supplies were sent to every single household in his Derga constituency during the tough lockdown periods. This time around, Tan sees the political stability of Kedah and Malaysia at the forefront of his campaign.

In his view, when the federal and state governments are aligned or on the same wavelength, there will be an increase in the allocation of resources and development for the state.

Voting for the PH-BN candidates, he feels, would mean signalling support for the current federal unity government’s administration.

Teh echoes this sentiment, pointing out that the Kota Darul Aman contest is a straight fight between PH and PN where the contest between the two political alliances provides voters with only two choices.

Kota Darul Aman had previously seen four-cornered fights since 2013 with independent candidates
throwing their hats into the ring as well, thus splitting the votes. 

As to why Tan and Teh have chosen to stand for another term, both say they hope to continue serving their constituents because of their confidence of having served them well in the past.

Teh plans to bring more tourism activities into Kedah while continuing his efforts to enhance infrastructure in Kota Darul Aman should he win on Aug 12. He also aims to engage more
with young individuals in the government policy-making processes. 

Tan’s vision, on the other hand, is based on his three essential community pillars – Derga Muhibah, Derga Dinamik and Derga Progresif.

Encouraging unity and understanding amongst the people in the community is his top priority while ensuring improved infrastructure and fostering economic growth in his area so that voters can see positive change.