Travellers amazed with Malaysia’s harmonious diversity

KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 (Bernama) — Malaysia is often regarded as a ‘melting pot’ country with diverse multicultural backgrounds, and foreign visitors have praised the good manners and behavior shown by the locals to travellers.

TikTok user @jojo.ojoj_ – a solo traveller from New York – said she was amazed by the harmonious diversity of Malaysians, with the country’s three major races – Malays, Chinese and Indians – living amongst each other.

“They have deep cultural pockets and appreciate each other’s food… People are friendly and chill maybe due to tropical climates but it was so easy to make friends and they always invited me to (enjoy) food and showed me around,” she said on her TikTok video during her visit to Malaysia.

She added that although Malaysia was modern, it still maintained its traditions.

“It’s modern, yet traditional. There are developed mega malls, apartment complexes and new cafes popping up all the time. Yet, it maintains a lot of temples and religious structures giving a large Muslim population (place to pray) but all religions are welcome (to visit),” she said.

Another TikTok user, @TheFranckFromFrance, was in awe of how Malaysia had become a melting pot of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

“I want to tell you my first thoughts of Malaysia after only 24 hours (of being here).  People are very kind here and having completed my whole round trip of Southeast Asia – having done Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, and Vietnam – I would say that Malaysia has what’s shocking for me, so many cultures in one (country).

“I’ve seen a lot of people from across the world (in Malaysia). I never saw that many people from Africa, South America, North America, Europe all over Australia and Asia (in Malaysia),” he said.

The avid traveller from France said he was impressed with the multiracial and multiethnic backgrounds of Malaysians, highlighting the affordability of food items and necessities compared to Europe.

He was also amazed by the architectural marvel of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur, besides the advancements in Malaysian lifestyle with shopping centres and theme parks which reminded him of Dubai.

Another user, @agaeatskl, who is from Poland, said the camaraderie amongst Malaysians should be exemplified.

“I heard a lot from Malaysian friends, that when they go abroad and they bump into other Malaysians, they are so excited, they immediately jump into a family vibe,” she said on her TikTok account.

Malaysia has achieved numerous accolades, clinching the 8th spot globally as the best retirement destination by International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2024.

Meanwhile, last year, Malaysia was ranked first in a list of 10 safest places to retire in Asia for less than US$2,000 a month of expenditure, according to US-based financial services corporation Nasdaq.