Tokyo to use “robotaxis” by 2026

TOKYO, Oct 19: Driverless robot taxis built by GM subsidiary Cruise are to hit the streets of Tokyo in 2026 in a collaboration with Honda. 

GM is working together with Japanese carmarker Honda on the project, the companies announced on Thursday.

Honda helped develop the self-driving Origin vehicles, which will soon be used in Cruise’s robotaxi service, initially in the US. The cars have no steering wheel or pedals.

Cruise is already active in San Francisco as well as several other US cities. Until the Origin vehicles are ready for use, the company is using converted cars from GM’s Chevrolet Bolt electric model. Initially, 500 Origin vehicles are to be built in the US for use in Tokyo.

First tests are scheduled for next year and commercial operation is expected to start in early 2026 after necessary authorisations have been obtained.