Tokyo calls for evacuation of 314,000 over landslide threat — Reports

TOKYO, June 14 (Bernama-Sputnik) — The Japanese authorities have issued an evacuation order for 313,700 residents in the city of Naha in the southern Okinawa prefecture due to landslide threat, Sputnik quoted the Japanese news broadcaster NHK report.

According to the broadcaster, authorities have announced the fourth level of threat out of five, which implies a recommendation to evacuate to a shelter while the evacuation is still possible.

The fifth and the highest level of danger requires immediate emergency measures to save lives, including in situations where it is impossible to move to the evacuation centres due to security issues.

The evacuation was prompted by heavy torrential rain that is continuing in the Okinawa prefecture. The Japan Meteorological Agency announced record short-term heavy rainfall of about 110.5 millimetres in a number of cities in the region on Friday morning.