Tips from Westlander CYK on striking the balance to stay healthy

Retired government pharmacist CYK, who now lives in Bukit Mertajam and an Old Boy of Westlands Secondary School in Penang, has taken on a creative bent to craft some reminders on staying healthy in accordance with the alphabets of WESTLANDERS, the collective name given to students from that school along Khaw Sim Bee Road.

He had earlier penned his thoughts in the Westlanders chat-group of not-so-young and not-so-old members.

W = Weight management to avoid being under/overweight or obese;

E = Exercise for health;

S = Salt and Sugar reduction in consumption, and nor forgetting Smoking cessation;

T = reminds us to Take our Medications accordingly;

L = to give some Leisure time for ourselves (like hobbies — listening to music, gardening);

A-N-D = being coined together as having Appropriate Nutrition and Diet suited to one’s bodily needs;

E = Emotional control for mental wellbeing;

R = Rest/Relaxation through sleep adequacy, meditation, music, etc;

S = Socialisation, which helps in maintaining good mental health.

Well, it’s just a keyword reminder, says CYK, and it’s up to the individual to adopt or adjust accordingly to suit one’s need. Stay healthy, folks!