Updated: Sri Lanka-Protesters Take Over President’s Residence

Protesters storming into Sri Lanka President’s residence.

Updated with latest information.

COLOMBO, July 9 – Thousands of protesters who marched into the capital city of Sri Lanka today could not be stopped as they overcame the police and their barricades and stormed into the President’s Residence here.

People poured into the city from different parts of the country including via trains to join the rally which had been planned much earlier.

Social media footages showed protesters who marched into the house, breaking down the doors, taking items off the rooms and bathrooms and jumping into the swimming pool.

According to one resident from the city, while there were tear gas shot into the air, and police took control of some parts in the city, there was also possibility that some of the police personnel could have allowed the protesters to push forward.

The country has gone into bankruptcy with an unprecedented level of fuel and food shortages following its inability to pay for these goods.

People have been directed to stay at home with only essential travel allowed while sky high prices and power cuts have been adding on to their misery.

While efforts are being taken by the government to cover the shortages including purchasing fuel from other countries, these are not enough as people want change, the city dweller told Weekly Echo.

He also added that nobody knew where President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was, when the protest began today.