Thailand rakes in record 6.6 billion Baht from foreign film productions in 2023

BANGKOK, Jan 16: Thailand has emerged as a popular destination for international filmmakers, contributing significantly to its economy. In the past year, the country generated a record-breaking revenue of 6.6 billion baht (RM875.54 million) from foreign film production.

According to government spokesman Chai Wacharonke, a total of 466 movies from 40 countries were filmed in Thailand. American film crews led the list, followed by those from Hong Kong and China.

“Thailand is popular as a filming destination for foreign films.

“Thailand is ready to support filming in the kingdom, which will attract investment from foreign film companies.

“This will increase opportunities to develop the Thai film industry to an international level, strengthen employment within the industry, help distribute income, and further promote Thai Soft Power,” he said at a press conference here today.

According to data from the Tourism and Sports Ministry, the top five provinces in Thailand with the highest foreign film production in the past year were Bangkok, leading with 282 titles, followed by Chonburi (77), Samut Prakan (60), Pathum Thani (52), and Phuket (47).

The data revealed that a total of 34 productions from the United States generated over 3.1 billion baht in revenue, making the US the highest contributor to the foreign film production income in Thailand. Hong Kong followed, with productions earning 707 million baht.