Teluk Intan also has its own ‘Spiderman’

TELUK INTAN, Oct 16: Do not be surprised if you see ‘Spiderman’ riding a motorcycle in Teluk Intan.

The 31-year-old Nasmeruddin Zulkifli began his ‘stint’ as Spiderman when he lost his job during the Movement Control Order (MCO), following the COVID-19 outbreak three years ago.

Nasmeruddin, who is fondly called Ame, was worried about how he was to care for his wife and two young children.

“Armed with a capital of only about RM100, I decided to buy a Spiderman costume from an online platform,” said Ame, who was inspired to don the suit by his son who liked the comic book superhero character.

“Initially, I was shy to use the costume… It is also hot to be in the costume as it is made of rubber material.   But, I had to make a living so I donned the Spiderman suit and became a street entertainer, performing at Menara Condong,” he said..

Nasmeruddin then teamed up with a friend,  who donned a clown’s outfit and called himself Mr Minggu. The duo entertain children at Dataran Menara Condong (Teluk Intan’s Leaning Tower) here.

“I am grateful that the Spiderman character has helped me earn a livelihood after losing my job while my children sparked my interest to turn it into a job,” he said.

He said it was uncomfortable to be in the costume for six to seven hours, however, watching the excitement of the children and visitors wanting to take photographs with him made him feel that the job was satisfying.

Although he now has a job at a factory in Teluk Intan, Nasmeruddin continues doing his street entertainment to supplement his income.

“It is not just for the side income it provides me,  but the joy of seeing the smiles on the children’s faces,” he said.

He performs three days a week and is able to get RM30 to RM50 a day.

“After work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’ll go to either Dataran Menara Condong or Dataran Bagan Datuk to entertain and take pictures with visitors,” he said.

“If I get extra money, I will buy chocolates or snacks to give to the children who take pictures with me,” he said, adding that he can earn between RM30 and RM50 as a street entertainer.

Ame, who has five Spiderman costumes in various colours, is eyeing the black Spiderman costume, which is portrayed in the latest Spiderman comic film adaptation.

“Since becoming Spiderman, I have had to take care of my body and weight to ensure that the costume fits me well and I feel comfortable wearing it,” he said.