Second First Impressions – Sally Thorne

Reviewed By Sharm Nidya

The plot of this feel good revolves around the lovable Ruthie Maree Midona, who works at the front desk of a Luxury Retirement Villa called the Providence. Over the past 6 years she had dedicated her young life to caring for the elderly, senior citizens who help keep Providence afloat.

The beautiful property is also home to endangered tortoises that live freely in the garden. Ruthie looks into the upkeep of Providence and happens to be just about the best administrator that any retirement home could possibly have.

One night, as she’s out running errands for one of the folks, she has a rather rude encounter with a young man who needs the help of a Samaritan.

Little does Ruthie know that he is none other than the son of a property developer who has just acquired Providence. Teddy Prescott is the epitome of a spoilt, rich child. Drowning in tattoos, partying all night and day and taking life as just a fun ride are some of his traits that his father wishes to change.

The father also hopes to seen his son grow up into a responsible man and start shouldering some of his responsibilities. When Teddy needs a place to stay, his father quickly sends him to work at the Providence where he would now need to earn his keep. Teddy thinks easy-peasy, but Ruthie has bigger plans for him, stemming from the rude encounter she had with him only days ago.

This comes in the form of a Personal Assistant for Providence’s wealthiest, 90-year-old women who are more eccentric than Teddy. None of the previous assistants had lasted more than few days, tortured by the strangest and most weirdest tasks they had been sent about to accomplish by the women.

Just when Ruthie thought she’d exacted the ultimate form of revenge, Teddy surprises her. He is far from the spoilt child she had assumed.

Who is Teddy really and why is Ruthie suddenly beginning to see how she has simply turned old from her years of self-neglect and placing the happiness of others ahead of her?

Could Teddy be just a dream? Especially when the family’s plans are to sell off the retirement home?

A loveable read, Sally Thorne has aced this one too.